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Healthful, but i need to give up smoking. I'm back today trying once again to find that someone special. I was on this site before, yet got off due to personal reasons. I don't beverage and my sixpack has become a onepack, but I can still see my toes.<<BR>>
Hair is turning gray rapidly. Im ready to just fall in love for the last time. It is precisely what makes relationships unique and gives them personality to grow. Marriage is surely an option. I love to dish 180 average as well as would love to play golfbut none are much fun by yourself.<<BR>>
I dont play games and I have powerful morals. I am just what some would phone a nice guy. I've found that relationships are never unscrewupable and that coupling requires patience, honesty and integrity. I have a dog plus a cat to keep me company, but that is not enough anymore. I visit there 2 times each year, so if you just like the South, maybe you might come along sometime. I believe that the blending of two people means revealing dreams and creating new ones. What I want consists of all that lifestyle has to offer, including negative moods, occasional disagreements, and dirty clothes but you DO have to be any STEELER fan. I own a home in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Im not really ugly, but I dont seem like George Clooney either. Dont see them much as they reside in SC with my ex. I spend most of my free time when not teaching remodeling my house and working within my yard. My parents raised me correct. I am looking for usually the one person who would like to awaken daily to a warm hug and fall asleep at night with a grin on her face. You come to Love not simply by finding the perfect person, but by viewing an imperfect person perfectly. I have been separated longer than I care to think about and have not dated very much in any way since. I am 5'10 tall and weigh 185 pounds.<<BR>>
My belief is that taking a chance on really like is always worth the risk. I'm a 58 year old university teacher and also retired from the military. I will be someone who continues to do the task needed to grow psychologically and desire that same top quality in a woman. Im not really picky about appears, but there comes with to be some attraction. The frustrations teaching high school kids are easily relieved by moving a hammer or digging holes. My own philosophy is. The rest of my family lives within Florida. Thought I'd try online dating once again.<<BR>>
Im here with the intention of finding a life partner. Im positive you feel the same way. We dont expect someone to become completely like me or fit into a perfect mold no two people are alike. I have a expanded son who has offered me three grandkids.<<BR>>
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