Apache Solr: Logo Contest

The Apache Solr Logo Contest has been concluded. This page is being preserved both as a record of the contest, and as background information for other Apache projects that may want to hold similar contests

Logo Criteria

Discussion amongst the community appears to indicate a desire to for an association with the sun. Beyond that there are some general Guidelines established by the Apache Public Relations Committee...

Look and Feel Guidelines

NOTE - Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for voting. If there is any confusion if your submission is valid, feel free to post a message to the user group.

How To Enter

Please attach logo entries to Jira issue SOLR-84. You will need a Jira ID if you don't already have one, which you can sign up for at http://issues.apache.org/jira/. Initial submissions may just be the "web" quality image, but if your entry is selected to be the new Solr Log you must provide the "scalable vector, print quality version of the logo" prior to the selecting being official.

When you attach your logo, be sure to choose the option to grant a license to the ASF:

Multiple entries may be submitted by a single person (but bear in mind: voting will be for an entry, not the person who submitted them so multiple entries will compete against each other). If after submitting an entry and getting feedback from people, you would like to replace it with a new entry, you may do this (using the same Jira login) via the Manage Attachments Jira page.

Supporting "branding" images (ie: favicon, small version, large version, black and white version, etc...) are not necessary, but may be included and considered as a factor by the community when voting.


Once the Deadline for Submissions has been reached, all of the eligible images will be collected onto a new "ballot" web page for viewing and posted to a new thread with the subject "[VOTE] COMMUNITY LOGO PREFERENCES" on the solr-user mailing list. Any and all members of the Solr community are encouraged to reply to this thread and list (up to) 5 ranked choices by listing the Jira attachment URLs. Votes will be assigned a point value based on rank. For each vote, 1st choice has a point value of 5, 5th place has a point value of 1, and all others follow a similar pattern.

For example, the following email...

From: A. SolrUser <asolruser@somedomain.tld>


...would earn 5 points for sslogo-solr3.jpg and 4 points for solr-logo-20061218.JPG

Once the Deadline for Community Voting has been reached, Solr committers will consider the point totals for each Logo from the community vote and a thread with the subject "[VOTE] LOGO" will be started on the solr-dev mailing list where a final (binding) vote will be held. This vote will (most likely) use the same ranked preference method as the community preference vote, however the standard "-1" option for vetoing may also be used (since this is ultimately a vote to commit a change)

Time Line

These deadlines may be extended as needed.


The Apache Software Foundation will not (in any official capacity) be providing prizes other then credit on the Solr Website, however various individuals in the Solr community have offered to do so...

(If you would like to volunteer some prizes please feel free to add them here)

Discussion and Questions

Discussion about any of the Logo Submissions, or questions about the Logo Contest process or rules should be conducted on the solr-user mailing list.

Final Candidates



The winning entry was "apache_solr_a_red.jpg" submitted by "Michiel" ...


The key email threads can be found here...

Various other email threads from this time frame may have additional information.

Lessons Learned

This section is for anyone in the community to make notes on any opinions (good or bad) they have about the process used for the contest, or the outcome. These notes may be helpful to other projects in the future.

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