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[DIFF] 19:38 [INFO] ErickErickson Updated to reflect the Asciidoc change to the Ref Guide.
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[DIFF] 02:09 [INFO] IshanChattopadhyaya
[DIFF] 18:22 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Improve information about ZK. Properly capitalize ZooKeeper. Don't link the new capitalization.
[DIFF] 20:51 [INFO] CassandraTargett [1-2] #01 add info for merging branch with master
#02 add info for working with branches
[DIFF] 17:40 [INFO] ShawnHeisey [1-2] #01 Added a little more to the context path section - it probably won't be configurable in the standalone app.
#02 info about context path incorrectly indicated that manual source code editing would be required.
[DIFF] 12:03 [INFO] jimczi [1-2] #01 Add Solr6.5.1 wiki page
[DIFF] 09:41 [INFO] jimczi Add release date


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