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[DIFF] 08:35 [INFO] DmitryKan fixed camel case for socketTimeOut->connT imeout and socketTimeOut->socke tTimeut
[DIFF] 15:52 [INFO] JamieJackson + note about GitHub mirror (earlier on); + git checkout command (which had been referenced, but absent)
[DIFF] 15:38 [INFO] CassandraTargett
[DIFF] 20:59 [INFO] ShawnHeisey [1-4] #01 Minor changes to the section about other apps.
#02 Added section about running other applications in Solr's container.
#03 Clean up the new section on the context path.
#04 Added a section about context path hardcoding.
[DIFF] 19:26 [INFO] CassandraTargett
[DIFF] 19:18 [INFO] CassandraTargett [1-2] #02 migrate most content to Ref Guide
[DIFF] 13:11 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Added something to the special note about optimizes, indicating that this can also be a factor with replication.
[DIFF] 12:35 [INFO] JanHoydahl [1-2]
ShalinMangar [3]
#01 Block formatting
#02 Added own Logging section, moved some security related changes to Security section, Shortened some long descriptions...
#03 Release notes for 6.3.0
[DIFF] 19:38 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Indicate that the authentication/autho rization plugin added in 5.2 had several bugs that weren't fixed until 5.3.
[DIFF] 15:36 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Initial page creation. Still need to write the process for creating a package.

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