Current Interface

Last week, 1980 called - they want to have their Admin-Interface back :)

The current Admin-UI exists, and it's basically working. It may cover all current Features, some are solved with a seperate page (f.e. the DataImport) and when we talk about multiple Cores .. we better may stop here. So, we thought about putting on new Clothes, dye one's Hair and brush our Shoes.

The Idea

We will create a solid Replacement for the current Interface, cover all given functionality and add a bunch of new Ideas.

Having a new, ajax-powered Admin-Interface means that ..

Work in Progress

Introducing this Idea on the Mailinglist retrieves Feedback, stating that the way is the correct - so we are travelling alone the Road: SOLR-2399 Solr Admin Interface, reworked

Sneak Peak

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