Using Solr's Ruby output

Solr has an optional Ruby response format that extends its JSON output in the following ways to allow the response to be safely eval'd by Ruby's interpreter:

Here is a simple example of how one may query Solr using the Ruby response format:

require 'net/http'

h ='localhost', 8983)
hresp, data = h.get('/solr/select?q=iPod&wt=ruby')
rsp = eval(data)

puts 'number of matches = ' + rsp['response']['numFound'].to_s
#print out the name field for each returned document
rsp['response']['docs'].each { |doc| puts 'name field = ' + doc['name'] }

For simple interactions with Solr, this may be all you need! If you are building complex interactions with Solr, then look at some of the libraries below. Craig L Russell Note: in Ruby 1.9, the encoding of the response may be set to ASCII-8BITS even though Solr responds with UTF-8. See Ruby issue 2567.





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