Solr 1.5

Solr 1.5 has not been released.

At one point, Solr 1.5 was expected to be the next "trunk" release after Solr1.4, however it was subsequently decided that the development of Solr and Lucene-Java should be more tightly integrated, so a new "merged development trunk" was created -- the previous solr trunk was renamed to the solr-1.5-dev branch.

If you found a link to this page in some documentation it was there to alert you to the fact that it described a feature that was expected to be included in the Solr 1.5 if it happened. Jira can show you issues that people hoped to incorporate into the 1.5 branch.

The next version of Solr released after Solr1.4.1 was Solr3.1. Any feature scheduled for Solr 1.5 can be found in Solr3.1 or later

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