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This is a copy of the [[http://lucene.apache.org/solr/#27+November+2011+-+Solr+3.5.0+Released|release announcement]]: Solr 3.5.0 was released 2011-11-27. This is a copy of the [[http://lucene.apache.org/solr/#27+November+2011+-+Solr+3.5.0+Released|release announcement]]:

Solr 3.5

Solr 3.5.0 was released 2011-11-27. This is a copy of the release announcement:

The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Solr 3.5.0!

See the CHANGES.txt file included with the release for a full list of details.

Solr 3.5.0 Release Highlights

  • Bug fixes and improvements from Apache Lucene 3.5.0, including a very substantial (3-5X) RAM reduction required to hold the terms index on opening an IndexReader. (LUCENE-2205)

  • Added support for distributed result grouping. (SOLR-2066, SOLR-2776)
  • Added support for Hunspell stemmer TokenFilter supporting stemming for 99 languages. (SOLR-2769)

  • A new contrib module "langid" adds language identification capabilities as an Update Processor, using Tika's LanguageIdentifier or Cybozu language-detection library (SOLR-1979)

  • Numeric types including Trie and date types now support sortMissingFirst/Last. (SOLR-2881)
  • Added hl.q parameter. It is optional and if it is specified, it overrides q parameter in Highlighter. (SOLR-1926)
  • Several minor bugfixes like date parsing for years from 0001-1000, ignored configurations when using QueryAnalyzer with SpellCheckComponent and many more. See CHANGES.txt entries for full details.

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