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  * [[http://www.linebee.com/?p=155|Spanish Translation of 1.4 Tutorial]]
 * [[http://www.curiosity-media.com/blog/how-to-install-apache-solr-on-windows-xp-1439.php|Installing Tomcat & Solr as Windows Services (using XAMPP)]]

This is a collection of resources that talk about Solr, or provide case studies of using Solr. People should feel free to add any publicly available information they find about Solr.


Books Specifically About Solr...

Other Useful books on Lucene, Text Processing, Search algorithms, etc...

  • Lucene and Solr: The Definitive Guide by Jason Rutherglen, Ryan Tabora and Jack Krupansky. Guide to Lucene architecture and Solr applications. Also covers Solr/Hadoop integration.

  • Lucene in Action, by Erik Hatcher and Otis Gospodnetić

  • Taming Text, by Grant Ingersoll and Tom Morton. Chapter on search (using Solr) and also presents "text taming" tools (clustering, Named Entity Recognition, etc.) in the context of Solr.

Product Sheets




  • #solr on irc.freenode.net - the Solr community water cooler (web access)

Mailing List Archives

Several third parties provide excellent interfaces for searching/browsing the Solr mailing list archives. Please consider the tips on UsingMailingLists before posting.

Media (podcasts, etc)


Tip & Tricks



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