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 * [[http://www.nopaccelerate.com/?utm_source=Solr_Wiki&utm_medium=link&utm_content=brand&utm_campaign=Solr_Wiki|nopAccelerate]]: Solr Integration, Consulting and Performance Optimization for Dot Net Platform. Offers affordable [[http://www.nopaccelerate.com/pricing/?utm_source=Solr_Wiki&utm_medium=link&utm_content=plugin&utm_campaign=Solr_Wiki|Solr integration plugins for nopCommerce]]. Based in India, with customers across Europe, Australia, North America. [[http://www.nopaccelerate.com/contact/?utm_source=Solr_Wiki&utm_medium=link&utm_content=contact&utm_campaign=Solr_Wiki|Contact for quote]].

Support for Solr

The following parties may be available for hire for Solr support.

This listing is provided as a reference only. No endorsements are given or implied.

Entries are listed alphabetically by company or last name.

  • 30 Digits - Implementation, consulting, support, and value-add components (i.e. spiders, UI, security) for Lucene and Solr. Based in Germany (Deutschland) with customers across Europe and North America. <contact at 30digits.com>

  • Alpha Solutions - We customize, implement, consult and support search driven solutions - based on most major search engines like ESP,/Solr/Exalead/GSA etc. Located in Denmark and covering most of Europe with active clients.

  • Artirix - UK based search specialist with experience in migrating commercial search products like FAST, Autonomy, Verity, Endeca to SOLR. Also provides a software stack for end to end search based applications.

  • Atilika - Solr search consulting, solution architecture, natural language processing (including CJK) and custom R&D. Based in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Basis Technology Corp. Analyzers for various world languages (Please read this page for more information.)

  • Benipal Technologies - Bangalore, India based Big Data Analytics and High Volume Proprietary Search Provider offers consulting services in Specialized Search using Lucene / SOLR, AI Machine Learning and MapReduce / NoSQL.

  • Bitturtle Experts in open source search and analytic solutions (Solr, Nutch, Tika, Hadoop). Based in London and Edinburgh.

  • Bluetab - Search solution consulting for e-Commerce and Media sectors. Custom Solr implementations. Offices in Madrid (Spain) and London (UK). info@bluetab.net

  • CNLP http://www.cnlp.org/tech/lucene.asp

  • Cognika Corporation - Visual Search specialists. Machine-Vision algorithms using OpenCV & Solr. Analysis of Terascale+ (Seismic, Satellite,Medical) imagery, Full-Motion Videos etc. Based in Boston, MA. <info at cognika.com>

  • Cominvent AS - Consulting, training and professional support for everything Solr/Lucene. Specializes in complex, large scale enterprise search architecture, secure search & cloud. Norway based. Also covers Sweden, Denmark and rest of Europe. Instructor led training courses: www.solrtraining.com (Contact us)

  • GFU IT Schulung - Solr training and consulting in Germany and Europe.

  • DigitalPebble Ltd. Based in Bristol, UK. Open Source solutions for text engineering (Nutch, SOLR, Lucene, Tika, GATE, UIMA, Hadoop)

  • DevelopIntelligence - Customized on-siteApache training, with open source courses on Solr, ActiveMQ, and more.

  • dkd Internet Service TYPO3 CMS and Solr integration specialists, general Solr consulting and Solr hosting services located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • Doculibre Inc. Open source and information management consulting. (Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, Solr, Lius etc.) <info at doculibre.com>

  • Eolya Consulting. Based in Paris, France. Solr/Lucene consulting, development and integration. Web crawling and document processing (www.crawl-anywhere.com). Vertical search engine and federated search. Search engine migration. Solr hosting (www.mysolrserver.com).

  • Erick Erickson Solr/Lucene consulting; design, tuning and troubleshooting, based in South East Michigan (USA) http://www.linkedin.com/pub/erick-erickson/1/a34/129

  • ESEMOS GmbH Search technology services and solutions for enterprises and eCommerce. Offices in Berlin, Darmstadt und Leipzig in Germany <info at esemos.de>

  • Findwise is a search specialist. Custom Lucene/Solr implementations. Offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Australia. Learn more (Contact us).

  • France Labs is an Enterprise Search company, focusing on open source technologies. We provide our expertise for Lucene/Solr, Constellio and LucidWorks - installation, configuration, support and training. We also develop new algorithms for intranet search.Contact us.

  • IT-Schulungen.com - Open Source Park - training and consulting Solr in Germany and Europe.

  • http://www.it-seminare.de/ Solr trainings for individuals & groups in Germany.

  • Flax Based in Cambridge, UK. Experts in all aspects of search development using open source technology (Lucene, Solr, Xapian, Stanford NLP) Contact us

  • Jonathan Haddad Linux / Solr consulting. Implemented solr on http://www.airliners.net as well as http://www.answerbag.com

  • Innovent Solutions Lucene and Solr Consulting, Training, and Support for enterprise, and commerce search and merchandising implementations.

  • Frederik Kraus Solr / PHP / performance & scaling consulting and development.

  • Lightwerk - Solr-TYPO3 Integration, Active Directory and Enterprise Search consulting and integration, located in Germany

  • KMW Technology - Solr / Lucene Integration, Located in Boston MA, Focusing on Connectors, File Conversion, Text Analytics, Indexing, and Searching.

  • LucidWorks: Lucene/Solr support (including SLAs), training, value-add software and services. The team includes Erik Hatcher, Grant Ingersoll, Steve Rowe, Andrzej Bialecki, and Yonik Seeley. Formerly Lucid Imagination

  • mediaUp - Training and support for Solr and Lucene Located in Germany.

  • Menelic Ltd - (UK) Enterprise Search Experts. Search Application Development, Solr Support, Consulting, Training and Tuning.

  • MindHeap Technology: Solr / Lucene consulting, architecture, development and tuning. Specialize in high-scale (billion record) search implementations.

  • New Idea Engineering, Inc.: Solr / Lucene consulting, architecture and integration, also search engine/vendor selection, RFP, etc. Also work with other search engines including FAST/Microsoft/SharePoint search, Google Appliance, Autonomy/Verity IDOL, K2, Ultraseek, Endeca, others.

  • nopAccelerate: Solr Integration, Consulting and Performance Optimization for Dot Net Platform. Offers affordable Solr integration plugins for nopCommerce. Based in India, with customers across Europe, Australia, North America. Contact for quote.

  • Onemorecloud - We provide hassle-free, managed Solr hosting in the cloud (EC2/Rackspace) at Websolr, as well as general Solr consulting. We specialize in Ruby on Rails application integration with Sunspot. info@onemorecloud.com

  • Openindex Lucene/Solr and Nutch located in The Netherlands. Contact

  • OpenSource Connections: Solr/Lucene development, consulting, and tuning. The team includes Eric Pugh, author of Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server.

  • Ravn Systems - (London, UK) Enterprise Search Experts. Consulting, Architecture, Tuning and Training. Search-Based Application Development. Solr and Autonomy. 24/7 Solution Support

  • Retresco: German Solr/Lucene Enterprise Search Specialist with a NLP and Semantic Solutions. siebert@retresco.de

  • Scale Unlimited We provide consulting and training for large scale, high performance data processing workflows involving crawling, text analysis, machine learning and search. Experts in Lucene, Solr, Hadoop, Cascading, Bixo and Tika. Experienced Solr, Hadoop & Cascading trainers.

  • SearchWorkings <sales at searchworkings.com> - HQ in Amsterdam (NL) & Berlin (GER), customers across Europe and Australasia. Dedicated to providing Apache Lucene and Solr expertise. Training, consultancy, development and support. Team includes Simon Willnauer, Martijn van Gronigen & Chris Male.

  • RONDHUIT Co.,Ltd. Various tech support in Lucene/Solr with CJK handling, including Japanese morphological analysis. (English|Japanese)

  • Jason Rutherglen - Solr and Lucene consulting. jason.rutherglen@gmail.com

  • Sagire Software Oy - Enterprise Search solutions and consultancy for Solr/Lucene , located in Finland

  • Search Technologies, an international consulting firm focused on search engine implementation, with offices in Virginia, San Diego, Cincinnati, Boston, the UK, and Costa Rica. Contact

  • Searchbox, Switzerland based Search solutions for enterprises. Highly customizable cloud based search solutions and plugins for Solr providing cutting-edge semantic search, auto-suggestions, tagging and summarization technologies.

  • Sematext (Otis Gospodnetic, Lucene in Action co-author) - Solr, ElasticSearch, Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, HBase, EC2. Solr/ElasticSearch/Lucene tech support, development and consulting services, and search products. Presence in North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • SHI Elektronische Medien GmbH is a German Search specialist and the first Training Partner of Lucid Imagination in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia. Consulting, training, custom implementations for Lucene/Solr. Contact

  • Sourcesense: Lucene, Solr, Hibernate Search: scalable enterprise solutions, consulting, training and kickstarts in UK, Italy, Netherlands. European partners of Lucid Imagination. info@sourcesense.com

  • Supermind Consulting Kelvin Tan - Lucene, Solr and Nutch consultant. Specializes in vertical search and crawlers.

  • TNR Global, LLC Michael McIntosh - Lucene, Solr, FAST ESP to Solr Migration Architect. System intregration and design. Consultation and development. Located in Western Massachusetts.

  • Tokenizer Inc., CANADA: Lucene SOLR Commercial Support (including SLAs & development support subscriptions & custom builds), Hadoop, MapReduce, Nutch, BIXO, Cascading, Amazon EC2, LingPipe, GATE, HBase, LILY, Mahout, Weka, Liferay Portal, Oracle/WebLogic, and more. Cell: +1 (416) 993 2060, Fuad Efendi, contributor

  • Federico Feroldi <pix at yahoo.it> - Solr consulting and development, currently located in Italy

  • PlugTree Labs <info at plugtree.com> - Lucene, Hadoop, Solr, Drools support, consulting and development.

  • Pannous GmbH <info at pannous.net> - Solr and FAST. Development and architecture of search applications. Offering Solr training. Based in Germany (Deutschland).

  • William Bell - Vertebrae Technology LLC. Solr consulting and development, located in Denver, CO. Geo Spatial, Amazon EC2, database, auto suggest...

  • VinayRas Infotech - Solr consulting and development, currently located in India

  • Kosmex Inc - Solr consulting and development. Develeoped solr implementations, on amazon cloud for thousands of hits with millions of items. Please email info@kosmex.com for a reasonable quote.

  • IndexNgin - Index Engine provides services based on Solr, Nutch, Hadoop, Hbase located in Los Angeles California.

For more support options, please see the Lucene Java Support page.

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