This is a list of ideas for improving Solr.

All users should feel free to add new ideas to this page, or add links to other wiki pages containing more involved designs.

Users should also feel free to open "New Feature", "Improvement", or "Wish" issues in Jira -- particularly if they already have code that makes progress towards the idea.

Many of the ideas on this page have been discussed on the Solr mailing lists, you should search there for more information.

Simple Non-Invasive Tasks

This section is for ideas that are relatively straight forward or don't involve major changes to the Solr codebase. People who are eager to "give back" to the Solr community but don't have a lot of familiarity with the Solr code base may be interested in taking on these Tasks...

Big Ideas for The Future

This section should be used for ideas that are more involved and may require major changes to the Solr codebase, and definitely should involve a lot of discussion among developers about the appropriate way to tackle them...

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