How to Get the Most Out of the Users' Mailing List

Here are some suggestions for getting the fastest, most helpful solutions to your problems from the community.

Even if you skip the rest of this page, try to imagine the roles are reversed. That is, you're the expert and someone from the community is asking an equivalent question. Would you, as the person answering the question, have enough information to say anything helpful? Or is the question so vague that there's nothing you can say? Far too often questions are asked that are, essentially, "It doesn't work, how can I fix it?".

By taking the time to write good questions, you'll accomplish several things. The most important from your point of view is that extra 15 minutes you take making your question as clear and complete as you can will almost assuredly get you an answer quicker. It'll take much more than that 15 minutes for someone to notice it, read it and scratch their heads and ask for clarification, you to provide that clarification and then someone to respond with useful suggestions.

Some general guidelines

Information useful for indexing problems

Information useful for searching problems

Useful tools

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