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http://www.colornexus.com/images/color_sphere_web.jpg {{http://www.colornexus.com/images/color_sphere_web.jpg}}
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'''''Web''''': See '''[http://www.colornexus.com Color Nexus - Everything about color]''' '''''Web''''': See '''[[http://www.colornexus.com|Color Nexus - Everything about color]]'''


Name: Catalin Ionescu

E-Mail: See http://www.techvision.ro/contacts.html

Web: See Color Nexus - Everything about color

That E-Mail link looks too much like an advertisement. If there are really your contact details on that site, please link directly to the contact page and change the description. Nothing against links to personal pages -- but please don't abuse this Wiki for commercial and thematically unrelated advertisements. Thanks, MalteStretz.

(Agreed -- made the e-mail link point to the contact form on that site instead. JustinMason)

(Thanks for pointing it out. It wasn't meant to be a commercial advertisement. CatalinIonescu)

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