URLs and Inline Images

There are several way to insert external references1 into the text:

If you enter URLs into normal text, there is the problem of detecting what belongs to the URL and what not. There are four ways to force the ending of an URL:

The supported URL schemes are: http, https, ftp, nntp, news, mailto, telnet, and file. The administrator of your wiki can extend the supported schemes by using the config.url_schemas variable (see HelpOnConfiguration).

In addition to the standard schemes, there are MoinMoin-specific ones: wiki, attachment, inline, and drawing. "wiki" indicates an InterWiki link, so MoinMoin:Frontpage and wiki:MoinMoin:Frontpage are equivalent; you will normally prefer the shorter form, the "wiki" scheme becomes important when you use bracketed links, since there you always need a scheme. The other three schemes are related to file attachments and are explained on HelpOnActions/AttachFile.

When the configuration option bang_meta is set to true, you can surpress WikiName linking by putting an exclamation mark (bang) before the WikiName, i.e. !WikiName. This is deactivated by default.

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing. For details on how to link to subpages, see HelpOnEditing/SubPages.

  1. The opposite of external references are the internal, automatic WikiName links. (1)


 * http://moin.sourceforge.net/
 * [[http://moin.sourceforge.net/]]
 * [[http://moin.sourceforge.net/|MoinMoin Sourceforge Homepage]]
 * {{http://moin.sourceforge.net/moinmoin.gif}}
 * [[http://moin.sourceforge.net/moinmoin.gif]]
 * [[http://moin.sourceforge.net/moinmoin.gif|moinmoin.gif]]
 * InterWiki
  * Self:InterWiki (same page as above)
  * ApacheApacheLegal:ResolvedLegalQuestions
  * [[ApacheApacheLegal:ResolvedLegalQuestions|Resolved Legal Questions on Apache Legal]]
 * jh@web.de
 * [[#anchorname|Anchor Link]]


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