Past News Coverage of SpamAssassin

2005-03-03: The Spam Assassin Behind SpamAssassin

2005-02-09: SpamAssassin Takes Top Anti-Spam Honors

2004-11-16: Apache Geronimo readied as Java app server

2004-11-09: Should Microsoft own antispam?

2004-09-23: SpamAssassin Switches to Apache License

2003-11-14: Spam Fighting for Small Businesses

2004-09-09: What's New in SpamAssassin 3.0

2004-12-20: Where's SpamAssassin?

2004-06-25: Apache Spam Fight Hits New Level:

2004-06-02: LWN: A look at SpamAssassin 3.0.

2004-05-07: InformIT: Fighting Spam and Viruses at the Server:

2003-12-19:'s 2003 Editor's Choice Awards: SpamAssassin won both 'Editor's Choice for Best Application' for Email, and 'Miscellaneous Editor's Choice: Can't Live Without'.

2003-09-02: New York Times Magazine, 'Tangled up in Spam':

2002-06-24: Salon: Spam vs. Spam:

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