Apache Incubator To-Do

Active Tasks

- once we move out of the incubator, Apache will be able to transition the incubator subscriber list to the apache.org one; move sa-dev to dev at spamassassin.apache.org; move the PPMC list; set up announce at spamassassin.apache.org

- advise MARC of latest list move, for both users, dev and announce

- advise GMANE of latest list move, ditto

- -dev-de and -dev-br lists are set up; it's up to their moderators to decide when/if to move. they'll mail me (jm) at that point.

- Move Bugzilla database to Apache.

- wait for domain transfer from MR to ASF to complete.

- move rsync and related cron jobs to Apache


- *DONE* Move web site to a tree alongside trunk under SVN and then to Apache.

- *DONE* port building code to build on minotaur

- *DONE* Redirect SpamAssassin web mirrors and old web site to new Apache web site.

- *DONE* shut down old mirrors and spamassassin.taint.org, leave as pure redirects, use old.spamassassin.org as the source for 2.63 and prior releases

- *DONE* Ask MR for spamassassin.org domain transfer to ASF

- *IGNORED* Ask ASF board to approve putting up old releases that are GPL/PAL dual license under Apache release system (as archived old releases). (Sander)

- *DONE* shell accounts for SpamAssassin committers (AFAIK, you just need to request one)

- *DONE* move the wiki

- *DONE* move SA-talk list:

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