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Integration into qmail using qmail-scanner

SpamAssassin can be integrated into qmail system-wide using qmail-scanner.

This is actually quite easy. SA is auto-detected when you install qmail-scanner, and uses the spamd/spamc combo if available. Here is my configure line (sans private data):

$ ./configure --spooldir /var/lib/qmailscan --qmaildir /var/qmail --bindir /var/qmail/bin \
--qmail-queue-binary /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue  --admin postmaster@example.com --domain example.com \
--notify none --local-domains example1.com,example3.com,some.other.domain.net --silent-viruses auto \
--lang de_DE --debug 1 --unzip 0 --add-dscr-hdrs 0 --archive 1 --redundant no --log-details \
--fix-mime 1  --scanners "verbose_spamassassin" --install 1

More info is available at http://qmail-scanner.sourceforge.net/ .


I get this after trying the above... What's the problem? The tests on TestingInstallation worked fine... spamc doesn't work?

Building Qmail-Scanner 1.25st...

This script will search your system for the virus scanners it knows
about, and will ensure that all external programs
qmail-scanner-queue.pl uses are explicitly pathed for performance

Continue? ([Y]/N)
Searching ........
Something like spamc for SpamAssassin detected - but not correctly installed
(didn't include a "X-Spam-Status: Yes" line in output) - ignoring...

After a little more research, it looks like this command is failing during the qmail-scanner configure step:

/usr/bin/spamc   < ./contrib/spamc-nasty.eml

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