Questa pagina contiene l'elenco delle modifiche avvenute di recente in questo wiki, che contiene 2468 pagine (ulteriori informazioni in SystemInfo).

[DELETED] 09:55 [INFO] SidneyMarkowitz
[DIFF] 08:36 [INFO] HenrikKrohns
[DIFF] 15:16 [INFO] SidneyMarkowitz Replaced broken link with other reference to information, changed http link to https
[DIFF] 19:59 [INFO] Darxus Updated the maintained of dates for my two plugins.
[DIFF] 22:39 [INFO] BillCole [1-3] #01 Removed warning about spamass-milt, since the issue was fixed 4 years ago.
#02 Corrected milter-spamc link
#03 Add note about Postfix support for milters listed under Sendmail. Reworded spamd description to tone down advocacy.
[DIFF] 03:46 [INFO] BillCole Removing anything suggesting that SARE is still a thing. It is NOT
[DIFF] 01:55 [INFO] BillCole Updated Sought status

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pagine create da quando hai sincronizzato il segnalibro, e che non sono state ulteriormente modificate da allora