There could be various reasons for this:

{{{I traced the problem down to seen_put() trying to put the message id into the seen database. if we try to put something in the DB, the fd stays open, even though we've untie()'d the DB. Did some more tracing... Best guess is that DB_File's untie() is failing internally, and since there's no return code, we can't find that out. Here's why we guess that:

<felicity> $ db_verify bayes_seen <felicity> db_verify: Page 3981: non-empty page in unused hash bucket 3333 <felicity> db_verify: Page 0: page 1273 encountered a second time on free list <felicity> db_verify: DB->verify: bayes_seen: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database verification failed <felicity> db_dump bayes_seen | db_load <felicity> mv bayes_seen <felicity> now everything works.

by using the Berkeley DB tools and rebuilding the DB, the problem was cleared, and untie() works fine.}}}


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