I get 'bad file descriptor' errors with amavisd-new and Razor2

S. Nam├Ęche (seb at gaia anet fr) notes:

While using Spamassassin with amavisd-new, Razor2 check is disabled. In debug mode, we have this message :

You have to run "razor-admin -create" as the user who is running the amavisd-new daemon in order to create Razor directory (~/.razor) and to discover Razor servers.

For example :

Mark Hazen (markh at markh com) adds"

This solves the first bundle of errors, but running via "spamd -u amavis -D" the error persists. A deeper investigation of the error reveals the following:

This is a known issue, and there exists a patch. Please see the following page for details, and a link to grab the patch:


B.K. DeLong (bkdelong at pobox com) adds:

I made the patch and ran "svc -k spamd" - errors still showing up in my maillog 20min later. I'm running SA 2.63.

Stephan Winokur says: I had razor-agents 2.61 and SA 2.63 installed. I was seeing an error similar to the one above:

I'm running SA, Razor, etc in "sitewide mode" -- although that's proably not important. I edited (temporarily) /usr/bin/spamd and removed the -T command line switch and the check on the line following it. When I restarted spamd, I noticed that a configuration file was written by razor with a different user _group_ than what the configuration directory was set. I changed the group to matched, and this error went away.

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