Rsync Configuration

All things rsync currently live on (a CNAME alias for spamassassin.zones) under the /home/corpus-rsync directory.

There's only 1 type of user for rsync: nightly mass-check submitters and score generation result submitters both share the same set of accounts.

The process of adding an account is the same for both, just using a different file for authorization. Use "sudo" to access the files.

  1. Determine the username for the requester. We typically use first initial/last name.
  2. Come up with a random password. Something like APG can help.

  3. Put the "username:password" pair in the appropriate file. The two files are secrets and secrets-submit.

sudo vi /home/corpus-rsync/secrets
[add a line to the end like "username:3498fgdio"
  1. Subscribe the user to the RuleQA mailing list - a remote administrator needs to send an email by with '=' instead of '@') after the command word - <>. A remote administrator can then confirm the subscription.

    NOTE: If you are not a remote administrator, you can email the mailing list owners to perform the task by sending an email to

  2. Mail the user a message with the username and password in it.

Sample Message

Thank you for your interest in helping the Apache SpamAssassin Project with our RuleQA via the Nightly Mass Check.

Your rsync username is XXX, your password is XXX

The wiki at has some good instructions to get you started!

And if you have any questions, you've been added to the RuleQA Mailing list. You can post a question by emailing

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