SAProxy is a non-commercial non-supported proxy packaging. For commercial alternatives, look CommercialWindows

(*note*: see also SpamFuProxy, inhering from SAProxy; open source free little version available; working with SpamAssassin 3.0.2)

(see also SpamAssassin for Win32 for a version with SpamAssassin 3.1.0; this version includes SSL support, unlike SpamFuProxy)

The SAProxy non-commercial proxy continues to be available, althought the integration with SA 3+ is not straitforward.

Free windows based pop3 proxy for SpamAssassin.

SAProxy is based on Pop3Proxy from Dan Mc Donald. It is an open source (perl) proxy server that seems to mostly work for Windows machines. Setting it up is *not* point-and-click easy, however. Needs Perl installation.

SAProxy was derived/repackaged by Dan Mc Donald, Johan Lindstrom and DanielQuinlan (last one commisioned by Stata Labs´s)

SAProxy Phoenix (?) (2004-Oct-22) may be on its way? (Dan Wing has been able to install it with SA 3.0)

Have a look to

Notes for SAProxy:

Stata Labs' SAProxy PRO

2004-Oct-20: NOT any longer available

It was a non-free derived-version of SAProxy

* SAProxy Pro by Bloomba is a Windows proxy server that's easy to set up and works quite well. It's $30.

Seem to be some claims regarding support.

SaProxy Pro (I have not tested) seems do what SaProxy (to wrap SA and Pop3Proxy in a win installation and GUI, no Perl installation needed) plus interaction (mark spam/ham) to statalabs email client.


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