Edited instructions given in Sourceforge list for pop3proxy

I got the files, and followed the instructions and works. Will report what happens with SA 3.x

Other information

- It has been reported that Active State Perl version 5.8.4 goes ok with SaProxy

- It has been reported that Net::DNS library version 0.48 goes ok with SaProxy

- It has been reported that Pop3Proxy goes ok with SA 2.64

Note: I am not having any problem of DNS and/or memory leaks with the installation of SaProxy as here described.

How To (version 0.1b) for Pop3proxy (raw "SAProxy") Hand Installation

2003-10-29 00:43

This allows to work with SpamAssassin 2.60.

As seems that new saproxy is not popping-up (yet?) in the CVS ....

Those are my conclusions for doing it with Perl 5.8 , under Windows XP Pro. DO NOT KNOW HOW IT WILL GO IN OTHER WINDOWS

My process is not perfect but works nicely.

You do not need to be able to program, but you need to understand how a program is installed, using the command line, and .... almost nothing more. Don´t know why it is made so difficult and not clearly explained how to do it when it is really not so difficult.

You will probably also need to have administrator privileges.

Not having memory leaks as the SaProxy 1.2 had ...

SpamAssassin Installation

Install SpamAssassin (best method, follow http://www.openhandhome.com/howtosa.html) (select SA2.60)(thanks Michael) (to be tested with 3.x)

My approach has been to install SpamAssassin 2.60, and those are my comments respecting that:

- For me Perl 5.8 has gone ok (although I have lost a small functionallity in pop3proxy (opening the local manual from the icon ....) Install it to C:\Perl, otherwise there (might be) are problems ahead.

- In Michael Part iii, ppm´ed directly to CPAN, i.e. no local:

Win32::Registry(1.10), Net-DNS (0.40), DB_File (1.806) and Time::HiRes (1.49)

(Please note that some people had experimented hangs with Net-DNS .40)

(more info on ppm in aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Downloads/ActivePerl/PPM )

- In Michael Part Viii, have not needed step 2, in my setup the dns server was properly handled by Win32::Registry

- In Michael Part Viii, step 3, note that under perl 5.8 local.cf will be in C:\Perl\site\etc\mail\spamassassin\ while the rest of cf files will be in C:\Perl\site\share\spamassassin\

- In Michael Part Viii, step 5, check that DNS is working, as well that new files are written to ... \ user folder \.spamassassin (watch out, the "point" is essential!)

Temporal installation of SaProxy

Pop3proxy Installation

(you could use Dan McDonald -father of pop3proxy- page as reference; but, it is a little outdated!)( mcd.perlmonk.org/pop3proxy/)(most recent and precise although somehow more obscure is the info contained in pop3proxy.pl from which this is derived. You can see it with a text editor, or you can make in a DOS window (open where you have pop3proxy.pl) ("pop2text pop3proxy.pl > pop3proxy.txt" or "pod2html pop3proxy.pl --output pop3proxy.html")(where to get pop3proxy.pl ... see later)


A) Get pop3proxy package (unfortunately, sorry, developpers have not provided a zip for it ... you have to do it manually)

B) Complete and adapt the pop3 package.

C) Create a shortcut to pop3proxy with properties such as C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe "...\pop3proxy\pop3proxy.pl" you have the SAProxy .ico in resources (when you finish testing, change perl.exe by wperl.exe !!! this will remove the dos box)

D)Test it, until satisfied.

E) Pop3proxy without GUI is already installed!!! (pop3proxy will work without GUI!!! Then you would have to edit your configuration as per your wishes manually _they are on ...\user folder\spamassassin or you can use SAProxy -temporary- to have a graphic interface _Never have pop3proxy and SAProxy running together!-... or better ... see other tools later) (One can delete at will from this step onwards the SAProxy subdirectory (the temporally installation, not the pop3proxy new directory!) ) but perhaps you should wait to finish the how to)

F) We have not applied the sa-2.55.patch I believe it is mainly to unify \.spamassassin and \spamassassin but I am unsure if it makes anything else.

Anyhow, in my testing I have not observed any malfunction. I live with both subdirectories.

GUI Installation

Now, if you would like the GUI, lets go! (pop3proxy will work without GUI!!!)

I) Prepare needed perl mods

II) Modify the lib\UI\Win32.pm file in pop3proxy

III) Prepare and install the Loft GUI

So, with the SAProxy GUI you can modify:

(note that in config.txt appear also allow_auth network_tests andallow_top that I have not found yet where they go ... and also that in 81_saproxy.cf there is a use_bayes 1 that is not in config.txt ...)

You can also exit pop3proxy via the SAProxy GUI. You can also exit it:

Configuration Facilities

Just to end, some configuration facilities, just in case the GUI is not our first choice:

a) SAUP Tool from CleanMyMailBox http://www.cleanmymailbox.com/sauptool/ You will need 1024x768 resolution screen

b) Michael´s SAConf http://www.openhandhome.com/saconf.html

According to its page, it needs SA 2.5x I have used it with 2.60 just to view the configuration files, but not to make changes

Things to clarigy/do

Things to clarify/do ....

- what exactly does sa-2.55.patch from CVS

- solving the Win32::Shell problem. According to a discussion in aspn.activestate.com, perhaps it can be substituted by some functionallity in Wind32::FileOP or a use of system() (althought Win32.pm code warns that system() fails under XP, but perhaps that was for perl 5.6.1 ...

you know, all those personal opinions etc.

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