Commercial Vendors Offering Spam Filtering and Email Hosting

Too complex to do it yourself? Would you rather have your email hosted or have a front end spam filtering service clean your email for you, and pass the good email on to your existing server? Here is a list of vendors who provide spam filtering services based on Spamassassin.

Spam Filtering Front End Services

These are services that clean your email for you and forward the good email to your server. That way you don't have to do it yourself. You point your MX record to their servers and all your incoming email goes to them, they clean it, and send it on to you.

Spam Filtered Hosted Email Services

These are email hosting vendors who do it all for you. They clean your email and they host your email accounts. If you don't want to go to the trouble of setting all this up yourself you can hire these vendors to do it for you.

Note for Vendors

If your commercial product uses SpamAssassin, and is not listed here, please feel free to edit the page and add details. If it's not obvious that you use SpamAssassin then perhaps you do not want to list your product here.

However, keep it short here; one paragraph or so. This is a place to introduce your services. Go into details on your web pages. The idea here is to provide people who might want to have someone do their spam filtering for them a place to see what vendors offer.

We reserve the right to edit or even remove whatever's published here (especially if we cannot determine from publically-accessible information that the product does use SpamAssassin).

For fairness, we'd like to keep the items in each category in alphabetical order.

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