These instructions may change slightly with each version, so it is wise to read up on what's required each time before proceeding. Note that the configuration is slightly different in each version. provides more detailed step by step information. The below info is largely a digest of said info.

You'll also find a pre compiled version of SpamAssassin for Windows (inc. SpamD) that can simply be extracted and run here:

This installation procedure is for installing SpamAssassin in native Windows (not Cygwin) using ActivePerl (Tested on ActivePerl

1. Follow the steps 1-8 on InstallingOnWindows.

2. Patch SpamAssassin with this patch.

3. Follow steps 9-15 on InstallingOnWindows.

4. Open command prompt and type: spamd

You should see some output like this:

Jun  1 12:03:45.821 [1640] info: spamd: server started on port 783/tcp (running version 3.3.1)

Jun  1 12:03:45.821 [1640] info: spamd: server pid: 1640

Jun  1 12:03:45.987 [1640] info: spamd: server successfully spawned child process, pid -3260

Jun  1 12:03:46.160 [1640] info: spamd: server successfully spawned child process, pid -3828

Jun  1 12:03:46.161 [1640] info: prefork: child states: SI

Jun  1 12:03:46.161 [1640] info: prefork: child states: II

To process a message you'll need spamc or your own implementation of the client protocol, see InstallingOnWindows and BuildSpamcOnWindowsForFree for more info.

by DanielLemke


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