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The SpamAssassin FAQ Has Moved

to this Wiki. Here's what *was* there, and where it's moved to:

1. General information and availability

2. Razor/DNS/Pyzor/DCC Problems

  • 2.1. I get errors about unblessed references from Razor. Help! UsingRazor

  • 2.2. How do I report a spam to Razor? UsingRazor

  • 2.3. How do I report a whole mailbox full of spam to Razor? SpamAssassin only handles single mail messages. UsingRazor

  • 2.4. I get 'bad file descriptor' errors with amavisd-new and Razor2 UsingRazor

  • 2.5. How can I tell if SpamAssassin is using Razor? UsingRazor

  • 2.6. I upgraded to 2.6x and get "razor2 check skipped" UsingRazor

  • 2.7. I never seem to get DCC hits, even though I should. Why? UsingRazor

  • 2.8. 'whitelist_from_rcvd' has stopped working. help! UsingRazor

  • 2.9. I'm an ISP, and mails from our dialups are hitting RCVD_IN_DYNABLOCK.
  • 2.10. Razor2 check fails with Can't locate object method "new" UsingRazor

3. Integration With Mail Systems

4. Other Errors and Troubleshooting

  • 4.1. I get coredumps from 'spamd'. FixingErrors

  • 4.2. When I use SpamAssassin with Mail::Audit, I get a you cannot use body() error. FixingErrors

  • 4.3. I get warnings about tainting when I run spamassassin from /etc/procmailrc . FixingErrors

  • 4.4. I get corrupted messages, when using SpamAssassin with exim and procmail. Help! FixingErrors

  • 4.5. When I use "-t", it tells me my mail is spam, even when it's not. FixingErrors

  • 4.6. I get 'Malformed UTF-8 character' errors on Red Hat 8, or using perl 5.8.0, with SA 2.43. FixingErrors

  • 4.7. I edited my local.cf file, but SpamAssassin isn't recognising the changes FixingErrors

  • 4.8. In what order are the SpamAssassin configuration files read? FixingErrors

  • 4.9. How do I disable certain checks? FixingErrors

  • 4.10. SpamAssassin/spamd seem to take a very long time to scan large emails, and are bogging down my server. What can I do? FixingErrors

  • 4.11. Mail is being filtered for users listed in 'all_spam_to' FixingErrors

  • 4.12. Spam to someone in 'all_spam_to' is also being delivered to other users, without filtering. FixingErrors

  • 4.13. Performance on Red Hat 8 is terrible, compared to other OSes FixingErrors

  • 4.14. On Red Hat 9, I get 'could not locate your pod2man program'. Workaround? FixingErrors

  • 4.15. 'spamassassin' works, but mails through my MTA filter don't scan correctly FixingErrors

  • 4.16. I'm having trouble with SpamAssassin and amavisd-new. FixingErrors

  • 4.17. A mail has enough points to be spam, but isn't marked as such! FixingErrors

  • 4.18. I keep running out of memory every now and again. What's happening? FixingErrors

  • 4.19. How can I tell what SpamAssassin is doing / if a SpamAssassin feature is enabled? FixingErrors

5. The Bayesian Classifier

  • 5.1. How can my users feed back mail for the Bayesian learner? BayesFaq

  • 5.2. Will the learner break if I learn SpamAssassin-modified spam messages? BayesFaq

  • 5.3. Can I set up an account for users to forward mail to for learning? BayesFaq

  • 5.4. Bayes doesn't seem to be working for me! BayesFaq

  • 5.5. Why isn't autolearning working for me? (aka: "autolearn=no") BayesFaq

6. The Auto-Whitelist (AWL)

  • 6.1. How does the Auto Whitelist work? AutoWhitelist

  • 6.2. Why does the AWL sometimes assign scores the "wrong way"? AwlWrongWay

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