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   * If you install manually, first '''download''' the [http://spamassassin.apache.org/downloads.cgi new version]. Then,    * If you install manually, first '''download''' the [[http://spamassassin.apache.org/downloads.cgi|new version]]. Then,

Upgrading to the latest version

Are you running one of the 2.x versions or older?

Are you running a 3.x version?

  • If you install using CPAN via CPAN.pm

{{{ perl -MCPAN -e shell [as root]

  • o conf prerequisites_policy ask

    install Mail::SpamAssassin quit


  • If you install using a Linux package installer:

{{{ Debian unstable: apt-get install spamassassin

  • Gentoo: emerge mail-filter/spamassassin


  • If you install manually, first download the new version. Then,

{{{ [unzip/untar the archive]

  • cd Mail-SpamAssassin-* perl Makefile.PL make make install [as root]



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