Using SpamAssassin on Mac OS X

NEW! SpamAssassin now ships in Mac OS X Server v10.4

Installing SpamAssassin: Benjamin Trott of MovableType describes the process of installing SpamAssassin on OS X. It assumes that you are using a POP mail server (it could be tweaked to work IMAP, but if you're using IMAP, the popread script won't work). It also assumes that you are using a mail client that can read from mailbox-format files.

Using Open Source Tools to Filter Email on Mac OS X Server: Apple steps you through the installation and setup of some widely-used tools: Perl-based Amasvisd-new, Spam Assassin, and ClamAV. There are other, similar open-source tools available, but completing this exercise shows you one way to keep your mail server clean of viruses; you can try other solutions, as well.

Fighting Spam on Mac OS X Server: Another article from Installing and setting up SpamAssassin on a Mac OS X Server v10.3 machine.

Using Stalker CommuniGate: on a Mac OS X 10.3 machine.

Tenon's Post.Office is a commercial package which comes with a SpamAssassin module (the 10 user version is free). Scripts and tips for using SpamAssassin and Post.Office. The Post.Office Wiki has information about advanced SpamAssassin setups. have a great tutorial on setting up SpamAssassin in conjunction with Amavis and Clam-AV

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