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6. God's delay is not God's rejection.
A man in his 21 years of age, business failure.
22 years old, competing for state legislators voted.
20-year-old, the business once again defeats.
20-year-old, the lovers died.
20-year-old, the once nervous breakdown.
30-year-old, the competing federal House of Representatives voted.
30-year-old when competing for federal House of Representatives voted again.
45 years old, competing for the U.S. Senate voted.
40-year-old, the nomination of vice president defeat.
40-year-old, the competing Senate voted again.
52 years old, was elected the 16th president.
That person was the Lincoln because he firmly believe that delay of God, not God's refusal, since so can not get off repeatedly, ultimate achievement extraordinary.

7. Is important is not what happened, but to do those things to improve it.
Buddhists say that stress is "by the upper edge of" how scarce.
Difficulties, the important thing is not what happened, but what attitude you are going to face, do something to improve it, but do not escape, but can not give up.

8. Their full responsibility for their own lives. [http://www.abciabc.com] ; website