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'''handle''': Duplicated exensions.screenName '''handle''': Duplicated exensions.screenName<<BR>>


This document aims to clarify what the extensions fields are being used for in both the activity and actor objects. In the future, many of these extensions attributes will be moved to their own independant fields inside of their respective objects.


handle: Duplicated exensions.screenName
extensions.posts: The total number of posts this actor has made on this social network
extensions.favorites: The number of posts that this actor has favorited or liked on this social network
extensions.followers: The number of followers this actor has on this social network
extensions.screenName: A screen name or handle for this particular actor's account
extensions.location: A field that specifies the actors location in terms of (City, State) However, since on many social networks actors are allowed to specify this field manually, it's possible that it will not conform to the (City, State) format


extensions.location: The location from where this activity was made

  • id: An identifier for this activity following the format (id:CHANNEL:ACTIVITY_ID) where CHANNEL is the network (ie Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc.) and ACTIVITIY ID is the unique identifier associated with this activity

  • coordinates: Latitude and longitude of this particular location

extensions.hashtags: A list of all hashtags found in this activity
extensions.likes.count: The number of times this activity has been liked/favorited/+1'd
extensions.rebroadcasts.count: The number of times this activity has been retweeted/rebroadcast
extensions.user_mentions: A list of maps containing all the users that this activity mentions

  • id: Each mention's unique ID string (id:CHANNEL:USER_ID)

  • displayName: Each mention's display name (eg. First, Last => John, Smith)

  • handle: Each mention's handle or screen name on this particular network

extensions.keywords: A list of all keywords that are important to this activity

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