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Shale Home

Wiki Home

User Docs



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This wiki page serves both as a guide to help document what can be done with the current Maven 2 build for Shale and also as a way to drive requirements. Please feel free to add or update

Cheat sheet




The Maven 2.x command to run


The current status of the given command. See the required plugin version list below


Special requirements (if any), such as minimum plugin version


What gets created by running the given Command

To build all of shale (run from the root of your local Subversion checkout of shale)








For each project under the root, you'll see {project}/target/{project}-{ver}.jar,

$mvn -P apps



In addition to the jars, for each sample app under shale-apps/, {app}/target/{app}.war

$mvn -Djsf=ri

success (JSF RI)

$mvn -Pdesigntime

Must have Sun Studio Creator jars installed in your local maven repository, see designtime/pom.xml for details

Note: The shale-tiger and shale-sql-browser modules will only be built if you are using Java SE 5 (JDK 1.5). The profile is automatically activated by the presence of JDK 1.5, there is nothing extra to add to the command line.

Note: Profiles may be activated with -P and the profile ID or by -D and a system property with the same name. The following two commands are equivalent:

     mvn -P apps,designtime
     mvn -Dapps -Ddesigntime 

To build the Shale web site

mvn site

To deploy the Shale web site

As of 2006-06-19, the site URL is: http://people.apache.org/builds/struts/shale/site

mvn site site:deploy

(Repeat for the 'shale-apps' directory)

To build the Shale assembly (distribution)

$ mvn site
$ cd shale-dist
$ mvn assembly:assembly

The file(s) will be in target/assembly/out

IDE config files

To generate IntelliJ IDEA config files for the entire project, use JDK 1.5 (so that shale-tiger and shale-sql-browser will be included) then execute:  mvn idea:idea -Papps,designtime 

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