To get the Struts 1.1 source to compile as a project in Eclipse use the following guide:

1) From the CVS perspective, create a new repository pointing at the Apache CVS server.

2) From the Versions branch of the CVS Repository window, open Versions, then jakarta-struts. Right click on "jakarta-struts STRUTS_1_1" and do "Check out as...". Create a new project using the default name and hit Finish.

3) Add the necessary jars to the project's classpath. It's up to you to find these, but this may help:

Struts User Guide Sec. 6.2 - Installation

In any case, from your Java perspective, right click on your jakarta-struts project, Properties, Java Build Path, then the Libaries tab. Add the following jars:

4) Now click on the Source tab and add the following folders:

That is, hopefully, it.