struts-chain was a package designed to open up the RequestProcessor chain to more flexible extension. It was moved into the Struts Core repository and work is well under way to making Struts 1.3.x default to using ComposableRequestProcessor and commons-chain commands to services HTTP requests.

Some of the changes for this are fairly wide ranging, so it is risky to commit them to SVN until more is accomplished. We'll use this page to discuss implementation plans and questions, and to link to interim distributions.

What's in SVN

The code committed to SVN has started to diverge from the old standalone struts-chain project. Here is a summary of the changes:

String constants and casting. This is something which still merits user feedback, as there are some questions about the best time and manner to construct an ActionContext, whether it should also be passed to the "process-view" chain, and whether it should even be made available outside of Struts in a final view handling technology like JSP or Velocity.

What's in Development

At this time, there are no major initiatives; it would be good to get folks testing what's in SVN and flushing out bugs. Near-term tasks might be to adapt more of Struts to use the ActionContext API, helping to get out of direct dependencies on the Servlet API. Other suggestions are welcome, either on this page, or on the Developer mailing list.

Where can I get it?

As of the nightly builds for 20050208, there is no major functionality which isn't readily available. You can get this code from SVN or from the nightly builds archives: see

Valiant testers are welcome! If you are interested, it would probably be good to join the developer's mailing list:

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