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||<rowbgcolor="#FFFFE0">[http://struts.apache.org/struts-shale/index.html Shale Home]||[:Shale:Wiki Home]||[:Shale/UserDocs:User Docs]||[:Shale/SiteMap:Index]||[:Shale/WikiGuidelines:Guidelines]||[:../:Go Up]|| ||<rowbgcolor="#FFFFE0">[[http://struts.apache.org/struts-shale/index.html|Shale Home]]||[[Shale|Wiki Home]]||[[Shale/UserDocs|User Docs]]||[[Shale/SiteMap|Index]]||[[Shale/WikiGuidelines|Guidelines]]||[[../|Go Up]]||
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 * [http://today.java.net/lpt/a/293 Continuous Integration with Continuum]
 * [http://maven.apache.org/continuum/ Continuum Project Site]
 * [[http://today.java.net/lpt/a/293|Continuous Integration with Continuum]]
 * [[http://maven.apache.org/continuum/|Continuum Project Site]]

Shale Home

Wiki Home

User Docs



Go Up

Struts Continuum

The following documents the steps needed to setup Continuum on the Struts zone.

Note -- Before you can do the following, you need the password for account 'mrstruts' (ping James Mitchell or Sean Schofield)


su to mrstruts user

change to /usr/local dir

use wget to get the latest continuum and maven tarballs

make sure JAVA_HOME is set in the profile (currently point to pre-installed JDK 1.4 on the zone)

use special continuum/bin/solaris-amd/run.sh start (existing solaris scripts work only with intel)

add subversion and maven to the path in mrstruts' profile (note: subversion is preinstalled on the zone)

log into continumm (http://struts.zones.apache.org:8080/continuum/) and setup the admin user as mrstruts


Change all subprojects to reference new version of struts-parent

Nightly build script that:

1. Full build (Shale, Action 1.2.x, 1.3.x, Tiles)

2. Publish assembly

Enable mailing of tasks

Integrate with Jira ?

Create task for nightly check of continuum (if continuum goes down, it will send a msg to dev@)

Setup continuum builds for:

1. Shale

2. Action 1.2.x

3. Action 1.3.x

4. Tiles


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