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"The value of the radio tag.["Required"]["RT Expr"]" "The value of the radio tag.[[Required]][[RT_Expr]]"

You may want to include a link to this site on the resources->tutorials page :


Coverage includes : Java Server Pages JavaBeans Tag Libraries Introduction to Struts Advanced Struts Enterprise JavaBeans A Case Study Enterprise Objects Framework

As a newcomer to JSP and Struts I have found it extremely useful. I came across it "by accident" though, after sifting through lots of other material that was not quite on target (for me).

Am I the only one who finds the taglib API reference less than helpful? It took me days to figure out what the "value" attribute on the html:radio tag did. The documentation just says

"The value of the radio tag.RequiredRT_Expr"

Is there an easy way to add a better description to the documentation?

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