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To help coordinate our efforts, Struts Committers and other active developers can note their short term plans here. For any one individual, this should be a brief list of one to three items.

Ted Husted

  • Finish updates to MailReader tour

  • Create tours for WebWork examples

  • Create a WebWork implementation of MailReader within the same application

  • Update Cookbook for Struts 1.3 and make modular
  • Extract Examples/Exercises module into separate application; add WebTests

  • Merge remaining Examples into Cookbook (leaving MailReader, Exercises, Cookbook, and Blank)

Wendy Smoak

James Mitchell

  • Assist with StrutsMaven2Plan

  • Restart nightly builds for Action 1.2.x/1.3.x and add nightly build for Action 2.0.x

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