JSP Taglibs

Admittedly, this is the area I'm the least knowlegable, however, I'd like to throw out there adopting at least the approach taken by WebWork2 for HTML taglibs.


Rather than generating the HTML directly in the taglib, they delegate that to Velocity templates, allowing the user to have complete control over the output of the JSP tag. What about using that approach as our default, yet somehow allowing for a pure Java version if performance becomes an issue?

Beehive NetUI also has a tag library that is described here. We have a similar rendering abstraction as those in WebWork except that NetUI started with rendering abstracted in Java. :) Generally, the NetUI tags build up state bags / JavaBeans and pass those to pluggable renderers that are aware of the targeted markup language. Some tag library highlights:

It might not be hard to build a rendering layer in the NetUI tags that delegates to WebWork's Velocity templates...

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