Building on XWork

This page describes aspects of Ti that build on XWork.


src/java/org/apache/ti/processor/ is a thin wrapper around a Controller object and is the key integration point between XWork and Ti. To support the special handling of this action, the following classes need to replace their XWork equivalences:

XWork Interface

Ti Impl



[src/java/org/apache/ti/processor/ SpringObjectFactory]

Overrides buildAction to support the Action class actually being a Controller, and if so, wrapping it in a ControllerAction. If not, delegate to old behavior. It is important this extension is used by the custom ActionInvocation instance since it is called by the configuration during initialization.


[src/java/org/apache/ti/processor/ SpringActionProxyFactory]

Overrides createActionInvocation(*) methods to return [src/java/org/apache/ti/processor/ ControllerActionInvocation].


[src/java/org/apache/ti/processor/ ControllerActionInvocation]

Provides special handling if Action is a ControllerAction. If not, delegate to old behavior.

At this point, the ControllerAction integration doesn't really do much other than allow an Action to a POJO, however, in the future, Page Flow capabilities will be added, probably to [src/java/org/apache/ti/processor/ ControllerActionInvocation].

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