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 * put the '''source tree in an SSD''', if you have one.

Faster build times

  • use a minimal shell: export CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/sh

  • put the source tree in an SSD, if you have one.

  • put the build tree in a tmpfs: cd tmpfs-mountpoint && /path/to/configure $ARGS

  • disable unneeded components: --without-berkeley-db --without-neon --without-serf --without-apxs --without-sasl  --without-swig --without-ctypesgen --disable-javahl --without-kwallet --without-gnome-keyring --without-libmagic --disable-nls (etc)

  • don't build tools: run make bin apache-mod check-deps instead of make

  • reduce output: pass '-q' to configure, '-s' to make

  • enable configure's cache: pass '-C' to configure

  • enable concurrency: pass '-j' or '-j[number]' to make

    • use cpuset(1)/taskset(1) to bind make to N-1 CPUs

  • dependencies: build against installed dependencies rather than in-tree dependencies

  • don't build both static and shared libraries: pass either --disable-static or --disable-shared to configure.

Faster check times


  • CLEANUP="" (and empty svn-test-work/ before the build)

  • put svn-test-work/ in a tmpfs

  • reduce output: set SET_LOG_LEVEL=WARN, or disable verbose logging to tests.log

  • set $TMPDIR to the tmpfs filesystem

  • don't enable SELinux at boot.

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