FS2: Use Cases and Reasons for Redesigning

Notes from Ben/Brane/Julian/Stefan on 2012-10-25

UCs & Reasons

"Versioned history" means

"Audit trail" means

Reversible / time-safe (except for Obliterate which deliberately breaks this property)

Not necessarily reversible / time-safe. It can be OK to just store a description of / metadata about each change that happened.


Admin-visible only

History: for all time

History: time span can be dynamically limited (FIFO)

Details of the UCs & Reasons

Details with respect to the semantic properties of the whole-system design and of the file-system design.


svnsync: locks / rev-props

GUI updating of locks / rev-props

Inhume "externals"

Replace "externals" with:

FS-level symlink:

A node kind (in repository) alonside 'file' and 'dir', that:

The client / WC:

Compared with (same-repos) 'externals':



Mergeinfo / other unversioned data

Forward history tracing

Audit trail: rev-props / locks? / access control

Optimizable for (e.g.) size of data representation (Representation-agnistic API)

Abstracted from DB (SQL, distubuted, LevelDB, ...)



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