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 1. [[ListOfDiffApplications|List of Diff Applications]]

@``Gabriela Gibson@

Email: <my name.lastname AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

I'm the current Subversion Intern.

Visit my blog here: http://gabriela-gibson.blogspot.com/

Gabriela's Desk

OPW Projects:

  1. Finalise Build System documentation once Gtest is placed (since the revision number is needed).
  2. Diff Project

  3. List of Diff Applications

Other live projects:

  1. FAQ --prefix change


  1. Home Julian's Python advice http://svn.haxx.se/dev/archive-2013-01/0462.shtml -- tool wiki pages maybe? In the testdir README?

  2. Flagged delete file bug over Build System Map -- the Map2 cannot be renamed for now. Remove Build System File List, Build System Documentation, Build System Walkthrough Patches since the documentation has been completed (almost).

Idea Repository:

(I work on ideas here before I present them publicly -- some won't make it, but might still inspire better ideas.)
  1. SVN Video Project

  2. Walkthrough Directory Project Page

  3. SVN Command Dictionary


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