Julian Foad

A developer of Apache Subversion

A member of the Apache Software Foundation

My Pages

Design Notes

TreeApi — an API for traversing and accessing any tree of files/dirs/properties in Subversion

My unofficial design notes, plans and ideas for making branching and merging easier — or at least harder to get wrong.

SymmetricMerge — unifying 'sync' and 'reintegrate'

KeepingReintegratedBranchAlive — how to make it easier

SimpleAndSafeMerges — ideas on what guidance/enforcements we could provide for users to merge within their preferred (and our supported) policies.

SupportedMergeScenarios — documenting what kinds of merging patterns Subversion currently supports.

MergeTrackingIdeas — the main idea being to support flexible branching topologies by tracking logical changes.


MergeBugsAndErrorReporting — simple bugs, and enhancements to error reporting.

MergeCodeImprovements — source code improvement tasks.

BranchesAndBranchRoots — about teaching Subversion what "a branch" is.



Other People's Pages

Rick Yorgason's MtimePreservation

Stefan Fuhrmann's MergeLimits -- how merging could be better in high-level ways

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