Changes to Core Components

The main functional changes are in the following areas. Many smaller changes will also be needed; for example, to make the log command report moves as such.

APIs, Protocols, Formats:

Functional Modules:

Major and minor changes essential for Phase 1 are listed in the following subsections.

Delta Editor API

Move support is to be added to either Ev1 (see MoveDev/Ev15MovesDesign) or Ev2 (see MoveDev/Ev2MovesDesign).

HTTPv2 Protocol

Svnserve Protocol


FSFS Format

See under “Commit Editor and Query Functions (FSFS)”.

Dump File Format

Commit Driver (WC)

Update Editor (WC)

RA-serf, RA-svn, mod_dav_svn, svnserve


Repos Diff (repos layer)

Commit Editor and Query Functions (FSFS)

Changes needed to extend FSFS format 6.

Client lib

svnadmin dump/load

svnadmin upgrade