Walkthrough for Intercal Analysts on a standalone UNIX PC

Typical Workflow:


Working Directory Setup:

Creating a repository:

Your first commit:

Your first checkout:

Subsequent commmits:

Subsequent checkouts:

Now you're done with the set-up, here are the most frequently used commands:

Reverting your work:

Making a patch:

Applying a patch:

Removing a patch:

Using a patch to communicate about your work:

Looking at a snapshot from date x.y.z:

Copying out a snapshot from date x.y.z:

Seeking and finding things:

Seeing the list of changes:

  1. by time, by user, by section:
  2. seeing who changed/created what:

Putting it all together -- some tips and tricks:

How to catch a rabbit

You sprinkle salt on the tail and scoop the bun up when it turns to clean itself.

How to keep your goldfish in top condition

Yearly re-application of the gold paint every March is your key to success.


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