WARNING: This page refers to an outdated version of Tapestry. More current information is available at http://tapestry.apache.org/

This page is the beginning of a project to document some of the more important pieces of Tapestry source code. In my 10 months of tapestry use, some of my biggest Eureka! moments have come when digging into the tapestry source, rather than the docs. It has been the source that has allowed me to truly understand how things are working, rather than just being told what to do, as much of the documentation does. So I am going to pull out some of the most important pieces of code and take the reader through what is happening and why, and even how that behavior can be modified.

Initially, I'm sure the organization will be a tad haphazard - something I hope to correct over time. Keep your eyes on this space over the coming weeks and hopefully it'll turn into another useful piece of tapestry documentation. I'm happy to take requests, too, although I may well have to defer to the tap devs on some items. Just add new slides to the list below and I'll fill 'em out as I get a chance. I'm going to start with tap 4.0, which I am most familiar with, and much of which applies to 4.1 as well. As 4.1 matures, I'll try to build a similar slideshow for 4.1 based on the 4.0 tour.

Currently, the available slides are just placeholders, in no particular order, for things I know I am going to cover.

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