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= Tapestry Project -- April 2006 Board Report =

Tapestry has been in a state of transition away from a Jakarta sub-project and to an Apache top level project.

Two new PMC members / committers have been added: Andreas Andreou and Brian K. Wallace. Andreas has been active in the external Tacos project
(Ajax components for Tapestry). He and Brian have been actively mentoring and supplying patches for months.

Bug fix releases of Tapestry 3 (release 3.0.4) and Tapestry 4 (release 4.0.1) have been released. These efforts have been spearheaded by Jesse Kuhnert and Brian K. Wallace.

We've succesfully moved the SVN repository out from under the Jakarta project. Howard Lewis Ship has taken over responsibility for granting SVN access karma to Tapestry team members.

We're beginning to formulate rules and procedures for breaking the Tapestry project into individual sub-projects. We are facing a large amount of work to convert from an Ant-based build to a Maven2-based build, primarily in terms of documentation (reams of which are currently in Forrest XML format).

We are working on a new logo for Tapestry and expect to debut the new http://tapestry.apache.org/ web site when it is ready. Our remaining transfer tasks concern other bits of infrastructure to move out from under Jakarta: the Tapestry wiki, and the Tapestry mailing lists.