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Tapestry development is continuing in the 4.1 and 5 branches.

== Organization ==

The board has alerted the Tapestry PMC of irregularities in the voting and release of the early Tapestry 4 and Tapestry 5 releases. The clarifications has been embraced, with a mix of procedural and technical changes (such that we may "vote on the binaries"). We should see the first such proper vote coming soon, for Tapestry 5.0.4.

The Tapestry PMC is also looking to extend the size of the Tapestry committer community. Several active users meet the qualifications and a vote is expected soon.

== Tapestry 4.1 ==

Development of the 4.1.X series continues with feature improvements, bug fixes and the elimination of "quirks". In addition, Jesse Kuhnert has taken a leadership role in the development of the OGNL library on which Tapestry depends, and has been implementing an OGNL-to-bytecode compiler that will result in about a 30x
improvement of performance of OGNL expressions (which account for at least 50% of the time spent processing a Tapestry request). It is expected that new OGNL library, release 2.7, will be nailed down within a few more weeks.

The OGNL changes will be useful well outside the domain of Tapestry; Jesse has been in active communication with Patric Lightbody on furthering OGNL, potentially for use with WebWork, Struts 2 and elsewhere.

== Tapestry 5 ==

Tapestry 5 continue to steam forward, adding new features and documentation. A bit of effort has been expended over the last few weeks to simplify the IoC container, adapting ideas from Google's Guice. Other simplifications are targetting to streamline integration with Spring, an important feature for the majority of users.

User contributed patches have simplified and improved deployment of Tapestry application into a number of application servers (ironing out tricky class loading issues that are application-server specific).

Beyond Apache, outside users are already creating reusable Tapestry 5 component libraries, a very encouraging development.