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== Tapestry 4.1 ==

Tapestry 4.1 integrates Ajax support directly into Tapestry. It bundles the Dojo toolkit libraries and adds many features to integrate the two.

We've seen the gradual maturation of some of the new Ajax features, as well as general bug fixes and other improvements to the Tapestry 4 code base.

The use of Maven 2 in has resulted in a much improved overall development process, and improved developer interaction with the Tapestry community.

 * '''Snapshot releases''' - Tapestry 4.1 / 4.1.1 / 4.1.2 have all been continually released into the Apache snapshot repositories throughout the development cycle for each release, resulting in much better user feedback as well as improved community happiness as bug fixes and improvements don't have to wait for the next official release.

 * '''Documentation Management''' - There has been big improvements in the quality and quantity of Tapestry documentation. In addition, marketing and support of Tapestry has also been improved increasing the prominence of related links on the Tapestry project home page.

== Tapestry 5 ==

Tapestry 5 continues to steam along, many of the main features are in place, including basic form support and input validation. Performance continues to be excellent.

Kent Tong is building a test framework for unit testing individual pages/components, aiming to make Tapestry 5 one of the most test-friendly web frameworks. Many core functions are already working.

== Miscellaneous Progress ==

 * '''Community Projects''' - There has been a lot of good activity involving outside project development. Some of the more exciting projects are Tapestry IDE support projects for NetBeans and for IntelliJ. A couple of different approachs to Hibernate integration have become available. A brand new Tapestry book, Tapestry 101, converts Tapestry 4 in detail.

 * '''Improved "Look"''' - The main Tapestry web sites and demo projects have all been reworked to project a more polished and professional look and feel.