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== Organization ==

The Tapestry PMC has expanded, voting committers Andreas Andreou and Marcus Schulte up to PMC status.

== Tapestry 4.1 ==

Work has been started which should allow any javascript library to serve as the "core" js library used by Tapestry via a set of configurable plugins and common base JS library functions which can be mixed in with specific library implementations.

Other than the new js library support the majority of work being done is bug fixing in Tapestry and OGNL.

== Tapestry 5 ==

Two preview releases of Tapestry 5: 5.0.6 and 5.0.7 have been released, with work on 5.0.8 continuing at a brisk pace. The latest releases fill in some gaps in the functionality and have started to introduce Ajax features.

Community support is still strong, with an active mailing list, several off-Apache component libraries under development, and lots of bugs being filed and fixed.

Some questions about the licensing of certain JavaScript libraries bundled within Tapestry has been raised, which may require some clarification, and possibly, a switch in libraries.

The PMC is actively discussing members of the community who may be extended an invitation to become committers.