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== Organization ==

The Tapestry PMC has voted in several new committers to the project: Dan Gredler, Marcus Schulte and Ben Dotte.

Of course, Ben Dotte is unable to contribute since his CLA has not been recorded, despite repeated snail-mail and FAX copies being sent. This has dragged on for nearly two months. This is completely unacceptable and has fueled discussions about pulling out of Apache.

== Tapestry 4.1 ==

Jesse has pulled together the optimized OGNL, and following a vote, release 4.1.2 has been unleashed.

== Tapestry 5 ==

Progress has slowed slightly on Tapestry 5, but new features continue to be added. A vote to release a new preview release, Tapestry 5.0.5, ran succesfully. Ajax features for T5 are just around the corner.